Our village, Les Gunyoles, belongs to the municipality of Avinyonet del Penedès. Avinyonet consists of some small villages and hamlets with an amazing amount of places of interest, all in the middle of vinyards and close to Barcelona and some ´costas´: Costa del Garraf, Costa Dorada.

More information about Avinyonet del Penedès:

The Torre Romana in Les Gunyoles
The Roman Tower might have been a grave monument and is located on the terrain of our neighbours, El Castell, which is a historical building itself.

Miravinya viewpunt
Towering over Les Gunyoles people can enjoy great views over the valley with the vinyards, Montserrat mountain, the Pyrenees and the sea.

L`origen de la vinya, or: the cradle of viticulture in Catalunya
An important archeological project. In the area of Font de la Canya carbonized grape seeds have been found, dating back to the 7th century b.C.. Also many objects were found like a perfume holder with a feminine head (Goddess Demeter).

Roman monastery Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs
This 11th century Benedictine monestary has been restaured in 2011, a good example of how old and new architecture can be combined. The northern part, which can be visited, is formed by two arcs supported by pilars with beautifully carved capitals.

The village of l`Arboçar
In the vinyards around l´Arboçar a special medieval dove cote can be found. It is more a dove wall, restaured a few years ago. Walking towards this wall you pass some characteristic houses, one of which disposes over a watch tower, probably dating from the 10th century.

Hiking and biking
Departing from our village beautiful hikes can be made through the hills, along rural roads with woods and vinyards. There are some marked routes, also suitable for mountainbiking.

Pessebre Vivent Les Gunyoles
During 7 evenings on and around Chrismas and New Years Eve the Christmas spectacular is taking place: ´Pessebre Vivent i Parlat´. In groups you leisurely stroll along 13 scenes, displaying the Chrismas story. This takes place in the hills just outside our village. Really worth while! Actors are village people who do this in a professional way. For more information: www.pessebre.net.

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